Post-Natal Massage


Childbirth takes a huge toll on the mom.

The longer and more difficult the delivery process, the greater the stress on the mom’s physical and emotional wellbeing.



Postnatal massages are designed to:

- Help improve blood circulation

- Expel trapped wind and toxins

- Lift the uterus and keep it from sagging

- Flatten the abdomen

- Break down stubborn body fat to its pre-pregnancy size and shape

- Speed up overall recovery

- Breast massage helps to stimulate milk production

- Mummies enjoy their confinement with the in-home postnatal care

  and massage services

Package Prices


1 Day - $110​

5 Days - $525

7 Days - $700

10 Days - $950

14 Days - $1260

Prices Include Massage, Oil, Binder,

Transportation. No other hidden costs

Each session is 90 minutes


Maya specialises in pre and post natal massages which can be done in the convenience of your home. As a certified therapist with more than 15 years of experience in the market, Maya is guaranteed to provide quality service. Maya travels islandwide to cater to the high demand for pre & postnatal massages, delivering punctual and excellent service to her clientele.

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